What is Studio In's Factory?


Studio In's Factory is a design unit studio of Kunihiro Sasaki and Mie Matsubara. Sasaki is to do research at the university, Matsubara is doing individuals artwork and studio representatives. This studio aims to create a universal multifaceted space by adding clients and collaborators. In particular, what we are good at is the experimental space. We aim to create a new space that is not bound by the experience until then.


To use it

The space we make is not completed. I particularly like the space where usage changes depending on the life and people who use it change. Rather than using nervousness to get scratched, we are trying to fix such parts that are scratched, or to create scratches that turn into memories, we are aiming for such a space. For example, I used a plywood board on one side of the designed nursery wall. The finished work and seasonal items are attached to the wall. By devising walls and pillars and using it, we create a more ambitious atmosphere like an old private house.


Living and trading

Although we have designed several commercial facilities, we are particularly conscious of connecting our lives and business. Commercial originally existed in various places. That place was like a loose public space in the city.

I believe that when living and the city separate, we can incorporate such a loosely publicly accessible space in various places and connect the people's living with the city.


Margin space

We will create a space to be a margin. The living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, the corridor, and such setting are actually made when living is supplied in large quantities. Many spaces remain unlimited to the original home. The margin is effective when something different from everyday enters. When a lot of vegetables are sent, when you decide to live with an animal, when a friend visits. If you would like to experience such a margin space, please make a reservation from our contact form and visit our SOHO.